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About City Sky

At City Sky Boutique, we believe in a vision that inspires and elevates our community for collective good, and encourages others. We are an online shop based in St. Louis, Missouri.  City Sky was created based on many conversations with girlfriends and family members about the quest to find unique pieces that aren't in every store you walk into, yet, fit well and are as comfortable as the coziest piece of clothing you own. We believe in finding pieces that make you feel good and can take you to events or through your day to day life.  

We love talking fashion and get excited by the look on someone’s face as they try on a new outfit that makes them feel good. There is a sparkle and a confidence that can come from a new blouse, outfit, or dress that represents your personality. We also love the experiences these clothes represent – a celebration at a wedding, a brunch with friends, or even a fun afternoon at the park. 

We believe in empowering women to express their beauty, inside and out.

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